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From the top down, let us help you realize your vision

Ridgeback Event Services is committed to helping you fulfill all of your staffing needs:


  • A top-tier security team with years of experience, bringing a balance of superior customer service with the ability to control a crowd and deal with issues that may affect your event. Our staff has experience working, managing and designing security operations for festivals in excess of 10,000 people.

  • Access to a stellar bar staff, with experience serving high volume crowds and managing liquor operations in various settings, be it high capacity music venues, or large-scale festivals.

  • Equipment rental- Need a stock of professional grade radios to supplement your event? PA rental? Ridgeback Event Services has the equipment you need to have your event run smoothly and professionally.

  • Access to production and operations professionals that are capable of executing your vision from beginning to end. Be it lighting, sound, box office, or general site operations, Ridgeback Event Services has access to the people you need for your business.


If you have a need, just ask, our team is dedicated to working within your needs and means to see that you are taken care of and are put together with the best in the industry.


For a free quote, simply click the link above and follow the directions.

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